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2018 Spring 15s Team Registration



Welcome to the 2018 Spring 15s Team Registration!

The 2018 USA RugbyWA Club Registration is now available.  To be a team in compliance with USAR, each player must register, each coach must register and each team must register.

You can register thru RugbyWA on a sliding scale.


Club Fees when registering thru RugbyWA website

1st and 2nd team in your club           $150 each
3rd; 4th; and 5th team in your club    $125 each
6th or more team in your club            $100 each

If you register on the USAR website and have 6 teams in your club,  you would pay 6 x $150 directly to USAR or $900.
But if you register on the the RugbyWA website and have 6 teams, you would pay 2 x $150 plus 3 x $125 plus 1 x $100 or a savings of $125. RugbyWA is also paying the credit card fees.

You can choose to pay either place but why pay more?

Reminder: USAR compliance requires a 200 level certified coach assigned to each team and that coach be registered on the USAR website to qualify for insurance and a Certificate of Insurance for field rentals and sanctioned events.

Questions can be directed to:

Camille Wright


Phone: (425) 306-9646